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Monday, April 20, 2015

Time To Take A Stroll!

Q. Do you know what these addresses have in common?
  • 225 Windover Avenue
  • 227 Windover Avenue
  • 261 Windover Avenue
  • 316 Windover Avenue
  • 440 Windover Avenue
  • 220 Walnut Lane
  • 342 Orchard Street
  • 318 Lewis Street
  • 340 West Street
  • 303 Knoll Street
  • 403 Windover Court
  • 407 Windover Court
A. All of these homes are in historic Windover Heights in Vienna. And if you decide to stroll through Windover Heights this Sunday, you will walk by these homes and more. Some are turn-of-the-century Victorians and Queen Annes. Some are original ramblers & cottages. Several are custom built in the past 20 years, some as recently as a few years ago.

Q. What else do they have in common?

A. All are homes with wonderful owners and homes where The Belt Team has represented the buyer or seller, sometimes more than once!

"The 41st Annual Walk On The Hill", sponsored by Historic Vienna, Inc. is this Sunday, April 26th from 2-5PM (rain date May 3rd). The streets will be blocked to cars, so it is a perfect family strolling day with lemonade stands and music and gardens to enjoy. There is usually live music at "the log cabin" in the gardens of the wonderful  old home at the corner of Windover & Walnut Lane.) Look for the "open" signs in front of the homes to signal that you are welcome to walk through the yard.

Enjoy! Perhaps we will see you there!

"The Walk on The Hill" and the community feel of our town are just more reasons why WE LOVE LIVING IN VIENNA!

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