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Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's Raining Men! Really? Where?

One of the great things about living in Vienna, VA is the wide array of cultural options available - especially when it comes to music. (For example, we recently shared "Vienna's Best Kept Music Secret" and we've also written about "Rock N Roll Royalty in Vienna" , "Kyllopalooza" and "Byrds In The Barns".)

Well, this month there is another great musical opportunity! On Saturday, March 16th, the Vienna Choral Society will present "Music of the Storms".

Vienna Choral Society has an entire array of concerts each year. This season's schedule features a number of genres with shows like October's "Swing! Music You Can Dance To" and "Opera For The People" coming up in May.

Each year they designate one concert as their "Concert for a Cause". So not only can you enjoy a wonderful performance, you can help raise awareness for science education and disaster relief. Vienna Choral Society has partnered with the American Red Cross (National Capital Region), Ideaventions & the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network to bring you a great show!

I asked Vienna Choral Society President Karen Akers for a "sneak peek" into the show and here is what she said:

"The concert runs the spectrum from music that explores the emotional aftermath of devastation (Requiem was written for the 2004 Tsunami, and After the Storm for the residents of Joplin, Missouri following the 2011 tornado) to the lighter side of weather (Singing in the Rain, and the weirdly satisfying National Weather Report). The choir will create an African rainstorm on the risers, throw in a few pop numbers (It’s Raining Men, Dust in the Wind) and perform in styles ranging from 12th century to jazz to full-on choral."

OK - that sounds just plain fun to me. What a FABulous way to introduce your family to great music! Or it would make a great date night for you & your sweetie. Or even a much needed Mom's Night Out (you know, for Moms who really just need a break & some adult entertainment!). Plus it's incredibly affordable. Family tickets are just $35. (Single tickets are $20, Students & Seniors are $15).

"Music of the Storms" will take place at the Fairfax Unitarian Church located at 2709 Hunter Mill Road in Oakton. You can buy tickets ahead of time online or at the door.

Vienna Choral Society - - - Just another reason we WE LOVE LIVING IN VIENNA!