"There's no place like home. . . there's no place like home. . . there's no place like home." Home for The Belt Team is Vienna, Virginia. Please stop by frequently and share with us all the things about life in Vienna that make Vienna truly the best place to live.

Welcome to Vienna, Virginia

Friday, February 26, 2010

Open Houses in Vienna This Weekend

10240 Dunfries Road in Vienna - $889,000
Sunday, Feb 28 from 1PM to 4PM

Francis Young Estates in Vienna - $1,249,900
Sunday, Feb 28 from Noon to 5PM

201 Charles Street SE in Vienna - $1,295,000
Sunday, Feb 28 from 1:30PM to 4PM

Directions and More Information on Open Houses in Vienna

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Week in Vienna Real Estate

What happened in the Vienna market over the past week? Here are the highlights:

~ More homes went under contract in Vienna this past week than any other week so far this year!

~ Inventory is slightly up. (Spring has sprung in real estate.)

~ Months supply in Vienna is almost down to 3 months.

Click here for a detailed Vienna Oakton market update.

Click here to request an in-depth market update for Vienna - your specific neighborhood (or one you'd like to live in!) - or any Northern Virginia area!

Search the MLS for Vienna homes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's A Regular "Who's Who"!

Where might you find a famous author sitting next to the guy who installed the plumbing when your home was built, sitting next to a retired Redskin, sitting next to a lady in a mink coat, sitting next to the high school baseball coach, sitting next to the owner of a car dealership, sitting next to the guy who bags your groceries, sitting next to a CIA operative, sitting next to a girls soccer team?

Why that would be the VIENNA INN!

In the heart of Northern Virginia, where the first question people often ask you at a cocktail party is "So, what do you DO?", you'll find a place called the Vienna Inn. A place where no one cares what you do or how important you are. A place where people are just happy to make your aquaintance - no matter who you are.

How refreshing!

Don't expect anything fancy when you go. The VI is known for their chili dogs n cheap beer (although they do have a full menu). And it's a true "dive". This year they are celebrating two anniversaries - the 50th Anniversary of the Vienna Inn - and the 10th Anniversary of current ownership by local Marty Volk. Marty's done a number of improvements in the past 10 years - but he didn't mess with the atmosphere - and that's a good thing.

Happy Anniversary VI!

The Vienna Inn . . . just another reason why we love living in Vienna!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Not Just Boy Scouts Who Do Good Deeds

We've been writing this blog for a while - opining about all the "things we love about Vienna" - about the restaurants, the music scene, the great sledding hills, the history & more. The list is really endless and we'll continue to post here about the "things we love about Vienna". But more important than any of those "things" are the PEOPLE of Vienna. They are just good-hearted, grounded, fun-loving, down-to-earth folks who make you happy to know them.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about...

We're currently experiencing record-breaking snowfall, along with high winds.

What was originally being called "Snowmageddon" is now being called a "Blizzaster". And what started out as an adventure, is now turning into something more concerning - especially for older folks who can't get in or out of their homes.

So this week, one of my neighbors asked around for names & addresses of senior citizens that we might know in the area. She then contacted the landscaping company she uses and set the wheels in motion for their crews to clear the driveways of older folks who couldn't do so themselves.

Not only did she follow through on her plan, but she did so anonymously and at her own expense. Like a beautiful Fairy Godmother waving her magic wand. At least that's how I pictured her actions.

Thanks Neighbor! We'll let you remain anonymous, but boy are we are grateful to have neighbors like you!

P.S. This is another one of our neighbors. He qualifies as "fun-loving". Why else would he be out biking in this weather? All we have to say is "SnOMG!"

P.P.S. to our local Boy Scouts who also do good deeds. Congratulations on your 100th Anniversary which you celebrated this week! Don't forget to look for the new Boy Scouts of America Centennial Coin which the U.S. Mint will start producing this month.)

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Small Town in the Big City

When you live in Vienna, you have access to just about anything & everything you could ever need or want - fabulous restaurants, antique shops, a "real" hardware store, great medical care with some of the top hospitals & specialists in the world not far away, professional sports teams (Go Caps!) & more. You name it - we either have it or can get to it within minutes. After all, we're only about 15 miles from the Nation's Capital.

So sometimes, you don't really think of Vienna as being a small town.

And then - you notice an event announced on the Town of Vienna web site and you remember, "ah yes - we are still a small town". And it makes you smile. (And you kind of feel like maybe we have a secret here that no one knows about.)

Here's the announcement:

(new time, see below)

The Town of Vienna cordially invites you to Talahi Sidewalk Grand Opening Ceremony! Bring your school-age children (and their scissors) to help cut the ribbon with the Mayor. February 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm on the sidewalk in front of 206/210 Talahi Road,SE "

We just love Vienna!

UPDATE FROM TOWN OF VIENNA ON FEB 9TH: Due to the weather, the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Talahi Road Sidewalk has been postponed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Sledding Hills in Vienna & What Else To Do When It Snows

It's coming.



At least, that's what the weather forecasters say. (And this time I think they will be right!)

Whenever anyone talks about snow, don't you find your mind wandering back to your childhood and remembering all the adventures you had in the snow? We sure do. Some of us on The Belt Team started out life in Southern California. We didn't have much experience with snow in our early days. In fact, we hardly even ever saw rain! I remember traveling to Denver for a wedding once and in order to play in the snow, we had to wrap plastic baggies around our hands & feet because we didn't own gloves or boots (who needed gloves & boots at the beach?!).

38 years ago this month, we moved from California to Vienna. And not long after we arrived, IT SNOWED! Dad bought us our first sled and we immediately set out to enjoy this new world of speed & excitement. We had an old-fashioned Flexible Flyer sled and soon gained a reputation for the fastest sled in Waverly. We'd sled for hours and hours, with brief intermissions for hot chocolate and sustenance, only to head out for more. Night-time sledding was the best.

Those were the days.

Since we're expecting "1 to 2 feet" of snow this weekend (not 1-2 inches like usual), we thought we'd share what we think are the . . .


6. Clarks Crossing Park

5. Cunningham Park Elementary School

4. Glyndon Park

3. Abbotsford Drive in Waverly

2. The "Bowl" at Wolftrap Farm Park

1. The BIG HILL AT WOLFTRAP - This is the "Daddy of em all"!

So what are your favorite snow memories? And your top spots for sledding? (It all depends on where you live in Vienna, doesn't it?!)

PS - If you start going stir-crazy and need to get out, there's one place in Vienna we have always found open during a snow storm (at least since 1977 when it opened) and that's The Amphora. Even back in the 90's when we had three double-digit snow storms in a several week period, The Amphora stayed open.

PPS - If you need to gather some energy for all that sledding, you may want to go to Jammin Java on Friday Night for "The Benefits of Chocolate". It's a fundraiser for the Stroke Comeback Center in Vienna and starts at 6:30PM. They will have music, "chocolate choices", food, drinks & an art auction with paintings done by local physicians during the evening! (UPDATE: 2PM FEB 5TH - JUST RECEIVED TWEET FROM JAMMIN JAVA - THIS EVENT IS CANCELED DUE TO SNOW)

PPPS - If you dig out by Sunday, come visit one of our open houses in Vienna. Check our real estate blog first for cancellations due to the weather)

~ Sunday, Feb 7th from 1PM to 4PM - 10240 Dunfries Road - $889,000
~ Sunday, Feb 7th from 2PM to 4PM - 201 Charles Street SE - $1,295,000

And now that you know how to keep yourself busy this weekend . . .


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekly Video Update - Vienna Oakton Market

For those of you who’d rather watch than read, don’t miss our weekly Vienna Oakton Video Market Update with Special Belt Team Correspondent, Ryan R (age 10)! (For those of you who are engineers - charts & graphs are published on The Belt Team's Blog!)