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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vienna Virginia - Meet The Neighbors

One of the things I love about living in Vienna is the people.

In fact, let's re-phrase that.

Probably the MOST important thing I love about Vienna is the people.

Vienna-ites are kind hearted & generous. Some have lived here for decades. And some are new transplants. You'll find senior citizens, young families, teenagers, empty nesters, singles & more. But after living here a while, what you realize is that Vienna-ites are the kind of people you like having as neighbors. And in a world where many people don't know their neighbors - that's kind of a cool thing.

The neighbors on my street are typical of what you find all over Vienna - whether in the Town limits - or in the neighborhoods in the surrounding Vienna zip codes. We have a few neighbors who have lived here since the homes were built in the 50's. And some who have torn down the old homes and built new homes for their growing families. Recently, my neighbors gathered for a "Men's Dessert Cook Off". A few months before that, it was for Happy Hour. The neighbors on the next block over have an annual Block Party. Gatherings like these happen all over town.

What I find interesting about living in Vienna, is that your neighbors often have all kinds of "mysterious" lives & careers. At one point on my block, we had an FBI agent, a CIA agent and a Fairfax County policeman all living within about 10 homes of one another. None of them really talked about their "day jobs", but we all certainly felt safe!

Vienna has also had its share of notoriety over time. "Back in the day", the Vienna Inn was known as the place to go if you were CIA - a good hangout where no one would blow your cover. At least that's how the story goes. And Vienna is also where Robert Hanssen lived. (Hanssen was one of the most well known spies ever arrested. And Foxstone Park in Vienna was where his "drops" were made.)

Keeping with the spy theme, you might also recognize the name of another Vienna resident - David Baldacci. Baldacci has written a myriad of well known novels involving the White House, CIA, Secret Service & more.

Quiet a few other "names" live in Vienna - whether professional athletes, politicians, CEO's - too many to list here. The thing is - when you live in Vienna, most people just aren't impressed by "names" and "what" you do. They are impressed by "who" you are. I've found that most of my neighbors are authentic, genuine good peeps. And that's JUST the way I like it!

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