"There's no place like home. . . there's no place like home. . . there's no place like home." Home for The Belt Team is Vienna, Virginia. Please stop by frequently and share with us all the things about life in Vienna that make Vienna truly the best place to live.

Welcome to Vienna, Virginia

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where In Vienna Is Carmen Sandiego? Round Two!

Remember that old TV show/computer game - "Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego"? The object of the game was to use various clues to capture Carmen Sandiego (or one of her henchman) by determining where in the world they were hiding. Last week, we started a version of this game on our blog. We are posting photos taken in various spots around town. Your job is to guess where the photo is taken. Our first photo was pretty easy. Today, we've posted Round Two. See if you can guess where it's located!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where in Vienna Is Carmen Sandiego?

There are all kinds of interesting statues, markers, sculptures and more around Vienna. So we thought we'd post a few & see if you can locate them.

Let's start with an easy one . . . (check back for some tougher challenges as we go along).

Do you know where this charming young man is?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everyone Gets Their 15 Minutes!

Recently, we wrote a blog post about the exciting Outback Bowl that takes place each year between Madison High School (Vienna, VA) and Oakton High School (Oakton, VA). We highlighted the story of 2 players - Luke Willis from Oakton High School & Ryan McGuire from Madison High School.

Well, this week we hear that Ryan's brother, Andy McGuire, is the new local celebrity. You see - even a student here in "small town Vienna" can earn nationwide fame!

Last weekend, Madison High School faced Yorktown High School for their second game of the season. Unfortunately, Madison lost. BUT - Andy McGuire stepped into the national limelight.

Check out this video that we understand made it on to ESPN SportCenter's "Not Top 10" last night:

The video is nearing 300,000 views as we finish this post!

Andy - We think you would have made a great commercial for the old Timex watch company. Their slogan was "Timex - it takes a lickin and keeps on tickin"!

I Know What They Were Asking, But What Did It Really Sell For?

August sales & stats are out for Vienna real estate. If your neighbor's home was for sale and sold last month - and you've been wondering how much they REALLY got for it - you can find out on The Belt Team's Northern Virginia Real Estate Blog. (Oakton stats are posted as well!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Time To Bowl!

It's not New Year's Eve - so it's not time for the Orange Bowl.

It's not New Year's Day - so it's not time for the Rose Bowl.

But it IS Labor Day Weekend - and it IS time for a bowl game!

Did you know that Vienna has its very own bowl game? We may be a small town, but we've got big spirit! And you'll see the colors flying tonight at the annual Outback Bowl Game between cross-town rivals - the Madison High School Warhawks and the Oakton High School Cougars.

Tonight's game takes place on the field at Madison at 7:30PM. Anyone who is anyone in Vienna will be there. (The rest of us will be too - LOL!) And just like a "real bowl game", the festivities start much earlier. You'll see kids and parents alike tailgating - I hear there some elaborate tailgates planned. I'm sure that Madison's award winning marching band will be performing. (And we're planning on attending a pre-game party ourselves!)

There's a lot of talent on both teams, but we'll especially be watching two Seniors: running back Luke Willis for the Cougars and linebacker/tight end Ryan McGuire for the Warhawks. Both boys are not only talented football players, but are great baseball players as well. (Luke Willis plays for the Cougars and recently committed to #12 Coastal Carolina for baseball. Ryan McGuire plays for Liberty District Champions, the Madison Warhawks.)

This won't be the last time they face each other on a field. Luke & Ryan will face off across the diamond when baseball season arrives next Spring. But the irony is that both boys played together on the same travel baseball team at the age of 13 - a team that went all the way to the Top Ten in the AAU National Baseball Championship.

This summer they were friends. Tonight they are rivals. And tomorrow they'll be friends again. But only one will have the bragging rights that come with a win tonight!

And that's what makes the Outback Bowl great . . . the friendships & fun that take place off the field . . . and the fierce competition on the field.

Just another reason why WE LOVE LIVING IN VIENNA!