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Thursday, November 3, 2011

It May Be Flu Season, But Vienna's Real Estate Market Is Healthy!

We normally try to keep our blog posts on "There's No Place Like Vienna (Dot Com)" about things other than real estate. (We publish a separate blog where we cover the Northern Virginia real estate market.) And over the past year, we've written about lots of reasons why we love living in Vienna - its historythe big-hearted people, free fitness opportunities, Vienna's "Secret Side", baseball, the music scene , the fun of cross-town rivalries, the fab restuarants, school spirit & more.

But you can't really talk about why you love living somewhere without sometimes talking about the real estate market - especially when it's so good. In fact, Bloomberg Business Week recently listed Vienna as the #5 Best Housing Market in the country!

You may have noticed that the blog post published previous to this one was posted back in September. It's not because we ran out of reasons why we love living in Vienna. It's because we have been so busy helping our Buyer & Seller clients. And while it may be flu season, the real estate market in Vienna is healthy!

If you want to know more about what's specifically happening in the Vienna housing market, you can read more on our blog - weekly statistics, advice for Vienna buyers & sellers , etc.

The real estate market is healthy here - just another reason why we LOVE living in VIENNA!