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Welcome to Vienna, Virginia

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Back-to-school time always reminds me of the New Year - new routines, new resolutions and a time for renewal. My co-worker reminds me that back-to-school time also means that Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and a time of reflection, is approaching. So "Happy New Year" everyone!

The new school year is a time for getting back into routines ("early to bed, early to rise" for example). Camps end and practice schedules begin. Pools close and schools open. It's also often a time for a fresh start. Children get new teachers, start at new schools, make new friends, try a new sport. Parents make resolutions too - about getting out the door on time in the morning or having family dinners together at night or volunteering more (or volunteering less!).

So in honor of back-to-school resolutions, here are some ideas for "Fitness For Free". Don't have the money to hire a trainer or join a gym? No problem. Whether you are getting in shape, staying in shape or just want to spend more time with your family, Vienna offers lots of opportunities!

W&OD Trail

The W&OD (Washington & Old Dominion) Trail is named after the railroad that used to track from Alexandria to Purcellville. It goes right through the "Heart of Vienna". This is the perfect place for a walk (for you AND your dog!), a jog, a run, a skate or a ride. No matter your pace - the scenery is great. (Check out what you might see along the trail here.) Just make sure you follow the "rules of the road' - slow movers stay to the right, fast movers pass on the left.  (Here's a map of the W&OD Trail.)

Nottoway Park/Moorefield Park

A myriad of opportunities exist at Nottoway Park & the adjacent Moorefield Park - and they are all FREE! You can play basketball or volleyball (and tennis for a small reservation fee). And did you know that NBA player Grant Hill used to play pick-up basketball regularly on these very courts? There's also a fun fitness trail. (More info about Nottoway Park)

Glyndon Park, Meadow Lane Park, Peterson Lane Park & Southside Park

These parks are all Town of Vienna parks. Between them, they offer lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, ballfields, a sand volleyball court, playground equipment & a walking trail. (More info about Town of Vienna parks)

Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church is getting ready to open their gym to the community on Monday nights from 7-9PM. If you like to play basketball or volleyball, this is the place for you. They are conveniently located at 301 Center St South - right across the street from Waters Field.

Vienna Community Center

The Vienna Community Center has FREE drop-in programs that include basketball, volleyball, roller skating and even pickleball. There's something for all age groups - from Senior Citizens to toddlers. Details are on the Vienna Community Center's web site.

Madison High School

My husband's favorite place to work out is at Madison High School. There's a track for running/walking. The football stadium provides plenty of stairs for a great workout. And - you always run in to someone you know. Perfect when you need a breather between activities!

Do you have a place we should add to our FITNESS FOR FREE list?