"There's no place like home. . . there's no place like home. . . there's no place like home." Home for The Belt Team is Vienna, Virginia. Please stop by frequently and share with us all the things about life in Vienna that make Vienna truly the best place to live.

Welcome to Vienna, Virginia

Monday, October 25, 2010

Where In Vienna Is Carmen Sandiego? ROUND FOUR!

If you haven't been following along, we're playing a new version of the game "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego". It's like the old game, except you have to guess where you would find the statue, sign, sculpture, etc . . . that we show pictured below. They are all in Vienna, Virginia!

ROUND ONE found us at the Vienna Little League's Yeonas Field:

ROUND TWO found us at Water's Field:

ROUND THREE found us at the Patrick Henry Library in Vienna: 

The first three rounds were for beginners. Now it's time to move to the next level!

Here's ROUND FOUR. Where in Vienna do you see this?
Don't enlarge the photo  - it will give away the answer!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where In Vienna Is Carmen Sandiego? (Round Three!)

One of the things we love about Vienna, VA is that Vienna has its own personality. It's a fun place to live - with fun people, fun things to do & fun things to see. No Dullsville here! So this fall, we're highlighting some of the "fun" local statues, sculptures and sights - with a game we call "Where In Vienna Is Carmen Sandiego". (Scroll down if you've forgotten what Carmen Sandiego is.)

Ok - Let's play the game!

So far, we've seen the statue of the Little League baseball player that you can find at Yeonas Park in Vienna.

And we've seen the bicycle sculpture that you can find at Waters Field in "Downtown Vienna".

So now it's time for Round Three! Do you know where this is?