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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Slippers, Stories, Songs & Sweets!

Every family has a ritual that revolves around bedtime.

"Read it again Dad!" (In our house the favorites were "Goodnight Moon" and "Where The Wild Things Are". Though I'm, not sure how "Where The Wild Things Are" is supposed to make a child want to be left in a dark room all alone to fall asleep!)

"One more song Mom - pleeeeeease." (OK - this wasn't the routine in our house. I can't sing. But I know houses where they sing great nighttime songs.)

"Bless Grandma and  Grandpa and Johnny and Susie and  Muffin and Snoopy and and and . . ." "Yes, son it's great to bless the mailman, but it's time for bed!"

On Saturday, the Vienna Choral Society offers the opportunity for a family outing you've probably never experienced before. And it just might give you some fresh ideas for YOUR sleepytime ritual at night.

At least once a year, VCS does a "family-friendly" concert. This year's concert theme is "Lullabies". Not only will the performers be dressed in their jammies, but YOU and your kids can come in your slippers & pajamas too! How fun is that?!

And - VCS puts it right out there that they WANT kids to leave their seats. So no worries if your son or daughter is a wiggle worm! They say, "We go all out to engage the kids. Or at least get them to leave their seats, come to the front, and let the parents of the really young ones have a good five to ten minutes sans squirmy child in lap."

This year, in addition to the amazingly talented performers from VCS, you will hear the Mosby Woods Mustang Singers. And best of all, there will be a storyteller! Because no bedtime ritual is complete without stories.

The show will take place Saturday, March 15th from 4:30PM - 6:30PM at VBC (541 Marshall Rd SW in Vienna). You can buy tickets online & skip the line at the door. (Youth 14 and below are free with a ticketed adult. Adult tickets are $25. Seniors $20.)

And we hear they'll have cookies afterward.

Slippers, stories, songs & sweets. You can't beat it!