"There's no place like home. . . there's no place like home. . . there's no place like home." Home for The Belt Team is Vienna, Virginia. Please stop by frequently and share with us all the things about life in Vienna that make Vienna truly the best place to live.

Welcome to Vienna, Virginia

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekends In Vienna

While many people are headed out of town for the weekend (read long drives, traffic, kids asking "Are we there yet?") - we're staying home in Vienna this weekend (read no commute, save the gas money & spend it on entertainment, fun things to do). Our only challenge is deciding WHICH fun thing to do!

Friday, June 25th

* RAIN, A Beatles Tribute - 8PM at Wolftrap ($25-$40)

* Fat Chance (rock music) - 6:30PM at the Vienna Town Green (Free)

* Family Skate Night - 6:30PM at the Vienna Community Center ($1)

* Beatlegras (Jammin Java's web site says: "not another Beatle impersonator act but three seasoned singer/musicians (with 5 platinum albums between them) who love the Beatles and bring a very organic interpretation of the Lennon/McCartney catalog through the magical world of bluegrass.") - 7PM at Jammin Java ($20)

* Five After Five - at Whole Foods Market - 5PM to 7PM - Enjoy 5 tapas-style plates of food paired with 5 wine or beer samples - this week's theme is "American Classics"

* Movie In The Park: "Toy Story 2" - at dusk (approx 8:45PM) at Glyndon Park (Free)

* The Blackjacks Homecoming Show & Fight The Lion CD Release - 10PM at Jammin Java ($10)

*Dr. Sketchy's DC Drawing Party - 8PM at The Soundry ($10-$15)

* Reinhardt Liebig - in the piano bar in the evening at Maplewood Grill (no cover charge)

* Vienna Babe Ruth Senior League Tournament - at Waters Field all weekend (Free)

Saturday, June 26th

* RAIN, A Beatles Tribute - 8PM at Wolftrap ($25-$40)

* Vienna Farmers Market - 8AM-Noon at The Caboose

* Open Mike Night - 6:30PM at Vienna Town Green (Free)

* The Bigger Lights & Hotspur & Storm The Beaches - 5:30PM & 8:30PM at Jammin Java ($10-$13)

* Baby Canvasses II (art show opening & adoption)- 7PM at The Soundry (no cover charge)

* Reinhardt Liebig - in the piano bar in the evening at Maplewood Grill (no cover charge)

* Half Price Bottled Beer & Burgers - 3 to 5PM at Maplewood Grill

* Vienna Babe Ruth Senior League Tournament - at Waters Field all weekend (Free)

Sunday, June 27th

* Sunday Brunch - 11Am to 2PM at Bazins on Church (YUM!)

* Richard Walton Group (jazz) - 6:30PM at Vienna Town Green (Free)

* Gordon Lightfoot - 8PM at Wolftrap ($22 - $40)

* Rosie Likes Red, Corrin Campbell & Find Vienna - 1:30PM at Jammin Java ($10-$13)

* An Acoustic Storyteller Evening with Lloyd Dobler Effect - 7PM at Jammin Java ($12)

* Vienna Babe Ruth Senior League Tournament - at Waters Field all weekend (Free)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Mom - I'm Bored"

How often do your children say that during the summer? They can't wait for school to get out and then soon enough those dreaded words come . . . "Mom, I'm bored. There's nothing to do." This year, instead of responding the way YOUR Mom probably did ("Well, I can find you something to do - you can scrub the floor or mow the lawn or clean your room!") - here's an idea:

The Town of Vienna is having a Scavenger Hunt! When we were growing up, scavenger hunts were a popular thing to do at birthday parties. You would divide into groups and then set off in the neighborhood in search of silly items on a list. There was a deadline and the group who collected the most items on the list won. (There were versions of this game played in college too - but that's a story for another day!)

Well this Scavenger Hunt is a little different. It's called "Vienna's Hidden Gems Family Scavenger Hunt". And it's a photo Scavenger Hunt. The idea is to search all around Vienna for "hidden gems". Vienna defines a hidden gem as a "little known about place in the Town of Vienna". There are 7 categories and you have to find one gem in each category.

Here are the categories:

1) Play in a Safe Place
2) Explore Nature
3) Celebrate the Arts
4) Follow a Trail
5) Play a Sport
6) Explore History
7) Make a Lasting Memory

Each picture must include a family member in the photo. (And you can even include family pets!)

We think this is a great idea. What a fun way to reconnect with your children (especially your teens!) and discover some really interesting places in your own hometown of Vienna. I'm betting you can be pretty creative in both your selection of "gems" and in how you construct each photo!

The deadline is August 20th. Here are the rules and application for the Vienna Hidden Gems Family Scavenger Hunt.

We LOVE living in Vienna, Virginia!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Foreclosures & Short Sales in Vienna, VA?

We are often contacted by folks who are looking to buy a foreclosure or short sale in Vienna, VA. After all, don’t we hear about foreclosures and short sales in the news all the time? Here are some things you may be interested to know (and it might not be what you think!):

Foreclosures & Short Sales in Vienna, VA

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is History A Mystery? Not In Vienna!

"The great eventful Present hides the Past; but through the din of its loud life hints and echoes from the life behind steal in." John Greenleaf Whittier

Now that's an intriguing way to look at history don't you think?

When I was growing up, I always thought studying history was boring. Forget the past, I was ready for the future. (I could flatter myself and say that I was on the same page as Thomas Jefferson when he said "I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." But really, I was just an impatient kid.) Now as I get older, I realize what a treasure our past can be - a font of learning and really quite an interesting topic!

Those of us who live in Vienna are surrounded by history. And thanks to Historic Vienna, Inc - much of it has been marked and preserved. In 1988, the Town of Vienna established a Register of "Vienna Historic Structures, Sites and Places". This is not really an "official" designation (for example - it does not mean a site is on the National Historic Register) - but it's a way for the Town to recognize our historic sites & encourage interest in them.

Any site that is designated by the Vienna Town Council can put up a special marker like the one pictured below:

You'll notice that the marker has a small number in the lower right corner. This number corresponds with the Register of Vienna Historic Structures, Sites and Places. For example, the one pictured above is #6 on the Register - Freeman House.

There are at least 22 sites with Vienna Historic Markers. You can pick up a Register with a full listing of the locations at the Freeman Store & Museum (#6 on the Register).

This time of year is a great time to do a Historic Scavenger Hunt. Take your children, your scout troop, your classroom - and walk around Vienna to see some of these sites. It's an easy history lesson where history might actually come to life for your kids (and maybe even you!).

Here are some examples of what you'll see:

Register #6 - Freeman House - was built in 1858. In addition to being a home, it has also served as a post office, fire station, civil war hospital, store and railroad station - and was occupied by both sides during the Civil War.

Register #1 - Money & King - is the oldest continuously operating business in Fairfax County.

Register #16 - Vienna Railroad Station - built in 1856. (As a side note - did you know that the Vienna Community Center is on the site where the Park Street Railroad Station used to be? This is where the 5th skirmish of the Civil War - part of the Battle of Manassas - took place. It was the first time in history that a railroad was used tactically in battle.)

In addition to all the Vienna Historic Markers, there are a number of locations in Vienna that have been marked as historic by Fairfax County. These includes sites like the first courthouse in Fairfax County (at the intersection of Old Courthouse Road and Rt 123) - hence the name of the street! Here's the list of Fairfax County Historic Markers in Vienna.

If you're a history buff - Vienna is definitely the place to be. And even if you're not - you might find it interesting.

We LOVE living in Vienna!

(More posts about Vienna History: Have You Met The Ghosts of Vienna? and How Old Is Vienna? )

Friday, June 4, 2010

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Remember that old 80's song "Everybody's Working For The Weekend"? Well, guess what - the weekend is here! And if you live in Vienna - there are lots of great ways to enjoy the weekend. Here are a few ideas:

Friday, JUNE 4th:

Ari Hest & Sarah Siskind at Jammin Java - $15

Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles at Jammin Java - $12

The Poetry Lab at The Soundry - FREE

Alchemy (a vocal band) at the Vienna Town Green - FREE

Riverdance at Wolftrap - $20 to $70

Rienhardt Leibig at the Piano Bar at Maplewood Grill - No Cover Charge

Family Skate Night at the Vienna Community Center - $1

Neilsen's Custard - today's specials are lemon & coffee


Vienna Farmers Market

Nathaniel Rateliff at Jammin Java - $10

Mista Forty's Birthday Special with Live Performaces by Dia & Mista Forty at Jammin Java - $10

Riverdance at Wolftrap - $20 to $70

Rienhardt Leibig at the Piano Bar at Maplewood Grill - No Cover Charge

Open House at 9622 Prelude Ct - FREE


Athlete & Carney at Jammin Java - $12

Riverdance at Wolftrap - $20 to $70

Burger & A Pint Special at Maplewood Grill - $14 (and their burgers are yummy!)

Cletus & Lori (folk music) at the Vienna Town Green - FREE

Open House at 9606 Podium Drive - FREE

Open House at Thistle Ridge - FREE

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens - workshop on "Gardening With Deer" - FREE

Bingo at the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department - $10 game pack minimum

These are just a small sampling of fun things to do in Vienna this weekend. Rather eclectic - don't you think? There's something for everyone - young and old, down-home and highbrow, costly and free. We LOVE living in Vienna!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Luck Madison Warhawks!

We'd like to wish Vienna's James Madison High School Warhawk baseball team "GOOD LUCK" in today's semi-final game for the Northern Region Championship. Hope to see you in the finals!