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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everyone Gets Their 15 Minutes!

Recently, we wrote a blog post about the exciting Outback Bowl that takes place each year between Madison High School (Vienna, VA) and Oakton High School (Oakton, VA). We highlighted the story of 2 players - Luke Willis from Oakton High School & Ryan McGuire from Madison High School.

Well, this week we hear that Ryan's brother, Andy McGuire, is the new local celebrity. You see - even a student here in "small town Vienna" can earn nationwide fame!

Last weekend, Madison High School faced Yorktown High School for their second game of the season. Unfortunately, Madison lost. BUT - Andy McGuire stepped into the national limelight.

Check out this video that we understand made it on to ESPN SportCenter's "Not Top 10" last night:

The video is nearing 300,000 views as we finish this post!

Andy - We think you would have made a great commercial for the old Timex watch company. Their slogan was "Timex - it takes a lickin and keeps on tickin"!

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